Source code for toasty

# -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2013-2021 Chris Beaumont and the AAS WorldWide Telescope project
# Licensed under the MIT License.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

__all__ = [

from enum import Enum

[docs] class TilingMethod(Enum): UNTILED = 1 TAN = 2 TOAST = 3 HIPS = 4 AUTO_DETECT = 5
[docs] def tile_fits( fits, out_dir=None, hdu_index=None, override=False, cli_progress=False, parallel=None, tiling_method=TilingMethod.AUTO_DETECT, blankval=None, **kwargs ): """ Process a file or a list of FITS files into a tile pyramid in the form of either a common tangential projection, TOAST, or HiPS. Parameters ---------- fits : str or list of str A single path or a list of paths to FITS files to be processed. out_dir : optional str, defaults to None A path to the output directory where all the tiled fits will be located. If not set, the output directory will be at the location of the first FITS file. hdu_index : optional int or list of int, defaults to None Use this parameter to specify which HDU to tile. If the *fits* input is a list of FITS, you can specify the hdu_index of each FITS by using a list of integers like this: [0, 2, 1]. If hdu_index is not set, toasty will use the first HDU with tilable content in each FITS. override : optional boolean, defaults to False If there is already a tiled FITS in *out_dir*, the tiling process is skipped and the content in *out_dir* is served. To override the content in *out_dir*, set *override* to True. cli_progress : optional boolean, defaults to False If true, progress messages will be printed as the FITS files are being processed. parallel : integer or None (the default) The level of parallelization to use. If unspecified, defaults to using all CPUs. If the OS does not support fork-based multiprocessing, parallel processing is not possible and serial processing will be forced. Pass ``1`` to force serial processing. tiling_method : optional :class:`~toasty.TilingMethod` Can be used to force a specific tiling method, i.e. tiled tangential projection, TOAST, or HiPS. Defaults to auto-detection, which choses the most appropriate method. blankval : optional number, default None An image value to treat as undefined in all FITS inputs. kwargs Settings for the tiling process. Returns ------- out_dir : :class:`str` The relative path to the base directory where the tiled files are located bld : :class:`~toasty.builder.Builder` State for the imagery data set that's been assembled. """ # Importing here to keep toasty namespace clean: from toasty import collection, fits_tiler coll = collection.load(fits, hdu_index=hdu_index, blankval=blankval) tiler = fits_tiler.FitsTiler( coll, out_dir=out_dir, tiling_method=tiling_method, ) tiler.tile( cli_progress=cli_progress, parallel=parallel, override=override, **kwargs ) return tiler.out_dir, tiler.builder