toasty.tile_fits(fits, out_dir=None, hdu_index=None, override=False, cli_progress=False, parallel=None, tiling_method=TilingMethod.AUTO_DETECT, blankval=None, **kwargs)[source]

Process a file or a list of FITS files into a tile pyramid in the form of either a common tangential projection, TOAST, or HiPS.

fitsstr or list of str

A single path or a list of paths to FITS files to be processed.

out_diroptional str, defaults to None

A path to the output directory where all the tiled fits will be located. If not set, the output directory will be at the location of the first FITS file.

hdu_indexoptional int or list of int, defaults to None

Use this parameter to specify which HDU to tile. If the fits input is a list of FITS, you can specify the hdu_index of each FITS by using a list of integers like this: [0, 2, 1]. If hdu_index is not set, toasty will use the first HDU with tilable content in each FITS.

overrideoptional boolean, defaults to False

If there is already a tiled FITS in out_dir, the tiling process is skipped and the content in out_dir is served. To override the content in out_dir, set override to True.

cli_progressoptional boolean, defaults to False

If true, progress messages will be printed as the FITS files are being processed.

parallelinteger or None (the default)

The level of parallelization to use. If unspecified, defaults to using all CPUs. If the OS does not support fork-based multiprocessing, parallel processing is not possible and serial processing will be forced. Pass 1 to force serial processing.

tiling_methodoptional TilingMethod

Can be used to force a specific tiling method, i.e. tiled tangential projection, TOAST, or HiPS. Defaults to auto-detection, which choses the most appropriate method.

blankvaloptional number, default None

An image value to treat as undefined in all FITS inputs.


Settings for the tiling process.


The relative path to the base directory where the tiled files are located


State for the imagery data set that’s been assembled.