toasty.collection Module

Collections of related input images.

Some Toasty processing tasks operate over collections of input images that are related in some way. This module provides standardized mechanisms for manipulating such collections. In particular, it provides a framework for scanning over image “descriptions” without reading in the complete image data. This can be useful because many collection-related operations want to do an initial pass over the collection to gather some global information, then a second pass with the actual data processing.

For interactive usage or in basic scripts, use load() for maximum convenience. For command-line interfaces, use the CollectionLoader helper to provide a uniform collection-loading interface.


load(input[, hdu_index, blankval])

Set up a collection of FITS files as sensibly as possible.



A class defining how to load a collection of images.


RubinDirectoryCollection(dirname[, unit])

Load up imagery from a directory containing FITS files capturing a Rubin Observatory tract.

SimpleFitsCollection(paths[, hdu_index, ...])