toasty.collection.load(input, hdu_index=None, blankval=None)[source]

Set up a collection of FITS files as sensibly as possible.

inputstr or iterable of str

The filesystem path(s) of the FITS file(s) to load.

hdu_indexoptional int or list of int, default None

Which HDU to load. If a scalar, the same index will be used in every input file; if a list, corresponding values will be used for each input path. If unspecified, Toasty will guess.

blankvaloptional number, default None

An image value to treat as undefined in all FITS inputs.

A new ImageCollection.


This function is meant to be called interactively from environments like Jupyter. Its goal is to “do the right thing” as reliably as possible, requiring as little user guidance as needed.