toasty pipeline approve

The approve pipeline command marks one or more images as ready for publication. It creates the index.wtml file for each image.


toasty pipeline approve [--workdir=WORKDIR] {IMAGE-IDs...}

The IMAGE-IDs argument specifies one or more images by their unique identifiers. You can specify exact ID’s, or glob patterns as processed by the Python fnmatch module. See examples below.

The WORKDIR argument optionally specifies the location of the pipeline workspace directory. The default is the current directory.


Before approving an image, it should be validated. First, check the astrometry with the help of wwtdatatool command. To check a group of images all at once, it can be convenient to merge the individual image files into a temporary index:

wwtdatatool wtml merge processed/*/index_rel.wtml processed/index_rel.wtml
wwtdatatool preview processed/index_rel.wtml

(Change the forward slashes to backslashes if you’re using Windows.) The first command merges the individual image WTMLs into a new file, processed/index_rel.wtml. The second command opens up this combined file in the WWT webclient, running an internal webserver to make the data available.

Next, get a metadata report and check for any issues:

wwtdatatool wtml report processed/noao0201b/index_rel.wtml

If everything is OK, you can mark the image as approved:

toasty pipeline approve noao0201b

You can use glob patterns to match image names. For instance,

toasty pipeline approve "vla*20" "?vlba"

will match every processed image whose identifier begins with vla and ends with 20, as well as those whose names are exactly four letters long and end with vlba. You generally must make sure to encase glob arguments in quotation marks, as shown above, to prevent your shell from attempting to process them before Toasty gets a chance to.

After approval of a batch of images, the next step is to toasty pipeline publish.


The specified images must be in the “processed” state. That is, each image ID specified must correspond to a directory inside the processed subfolder of the pipeline workspace. After processing, the specified images will be moved to the “approved” state.

The approval stage will create a index.wtml file in the data directory, which will derive from the index_rel.wtml file but insert the final absolute URLs paths to be used by the published data.

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