toasty pipeline fetch

The fetch pipeline command selects and downloads candidate images for pipeline processing.


toasty pipeline fetch [--workdir=WORKDIR] {IMAGE-IDs...}

The IMAGE-IDs argument specifies one or more images by their unique identifiers. You can specify exact ID’s, or glob patterns as processed by the Python fnmatch module. See examples below.

The WORKDIR argument optionally specifies the location of the pipeline workspace directory. The default is the current directory.


Fetch two images:

toasty pipeline fetch noao0201b noao0210a

After fetching, the next step is to toasty pipeline process-todos.


You can use glob patterns to match candidate names. For instance,

toasty pipeline fetch "rubin-*" "soar?"

will match every candidate whose name begins with rubin-, as well as those whose names are exactly five letters long and start with soar. You generally must make sure to encase glob arguments in quotation marks, as shown above, to prevent your shell from attempting to process them before Toasty gets a chance to.


Candidate names may be found by looking at the filenames contained in the candidates subdirectory of your workspace.

During the fetch process, the candidates are analyzed. Some of them may be deemed “not actionable” — a common reason being that an image may not have sufficient astrometric information attached for it to be placed on the sky as WWT requires. Such candidates will be discarded, with their information files moved into the rejects subdirectory.

For each candidate that is successfully fetched and validated, a sub-subdirectory is created in the cache_todo subdirectory with a name corresponding to the unique candidate ID.

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