toasty pipeline ignore-rejects

The ignore-rejects pipeline command marks all of the rejected images in a workspace to be ignored by future processing runs.


toasty pipeline ignore-rejects [--workdir=WORKDIR]

The WORKDIR argument optionally specifies the location of the pipeline workspace directory. The default is the current directory.


Ignore every image in the rejects directory:

toasty pipeline ignore-rejects

Subsequent invocations of toasty pipeline refresh will ignore these images when searching for new processing candidates.


This command will ignore every image in the “reject” state. That is, each file inside the rejects subfolder of the pipeline workspace will be taken to be an image ID that should be ignored. If you have rejects that should not be permanently ignored (maybe you can’t solve their coordinates right now, but will be able to later), delete their files from the rejects subfolder before running this command.

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