toasty pipeline process-todos

The process-todos pipeline command processes images into WWT’s data formats.


toasty pipeline process-todos [--workdir=WORKDIR]

The WORKDIR argument optionally specifies the location of the pipeline workspace directory. The default is the current directory.


Process every image in the cache_todo directory:

toasty pipeline process-todos

After processing, the next step is to review the results, correct any issues, and eventually toasty pipeline approve.


The specified images must be in the “cache-todo” state. That is, each image ID specified must correspond to a directory inside the cache_todo subfolder of the pipeline workspace. After successful procesing, the source image data will be moved to the cache_done directory, and the processed data will be populated inside a subfolder of the processed directory. So, to reprocess an image, all you have to do is move its data folder from the cache_done directory back to cache_todo.

The intention is that pipeline processing can be almost entirely automated, such that this command doesn’t need arguments.

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